Varsity Jacket Palm Angels Jackets


You must be living under a rock if you don’t know the fashion goodness brought to this by Palm Angels. This brand has been making amazing clothes for years, and this time, they have collaborated with Varsity Jacket to deliver some amazing jackets that are the epitome of chicness, class, and style. So, if you would like to shop for some jackets, we have the information for you!

The Top 4 Palm Angels Jackets

Palm Angels x Varsity Jacket is one of the best fashion collaborations out there, especially if you are fond of jackets, and we are here to spill the beans on some best jackets that you can find in this collection.

● Palm Angels New Folk Varsity Jacket

For everyone who is craving some vibrancy in their closet, you’ve got to get your hands on Palm Angels New Folk Varsity purple jacket with the funkiest stickers to add the fun part. The jacket has a cactus and skull sticker on the front, and white sleeves add an apt toning down to the whole look without taking away the drama

● Palm Trees Varsity Jacket

This jacket might look the same old black jacket, but there is a twist that everyone is gasping about. The jacket is made with a combination of cotton, leather, and polyester, which adds a subtle shine. The front side of the Palm Trees Varsity Jacket is black, but the grey-silver sleeves and pocket line is something fun about the entire look

● Palm Angels Patch Logo Varsity Jacket

This is a black jacket for everyone who likes to stick to basics while portraying class from every speck and corner. This is because it’s fully black, and there is only one patch logo on the front to add some element to the jacket. The best thing about Palm Angels Patch Logo Varsity Jacket is the buttoned pockets that promise the safety of your belongings

● Palm Angels Archive Aviator Jacket

If you are ready to ride on the fashion bandwagon, Palm Angels Archive Aviator Jacket must be on your list with its two-toned design. The jacket has a half and half design in dark grey and light grey, making it a great choice for your streetwear look. In addition, the sleeves are textured to make sure it doesn’t look too simple


Both Varsity Jacket and Palm Angels are amazing brands and they promise to deliver the best. That being said, there won’t be an issue with fitting, and it will fit like a glove as long as you pick the right size.


The jackets are designed to strike a perfect balance between style and comfort, so you can wear the jacket without impacting the overall comfort level. In fact, it has ribbed cuffs that promise apt detailing.


The collection is designed with a variety of colors, ranging from grey to purple. In addition, there are shiny silver and black jackets available for you to slay.


The size range of these jackets ranges from XS to XXXL, making it easier for everyone to find their perfect fit.


Quality is one of the best competitive edges of these jackets, and it shows from everything. For instance, the company has used high-quality materials and premium zips and buttons to ensure you get the promised value.


To summarize, Varsity Jacket is the best collection for people who like high-end jackets with promising fashion sprucing. So, have you chosen which jacket you like the best?