Varsity Jacket OVO Jackets


Jackets are one of the coolest and most comfortable clothing pieces to wear, but choosing the right brand can directly influence your experience. Having said that, you can never go wrong with Varsity Jacket, especially when they have collaborated with OVO to make the classiest and chicest casual jackets out there!

The Top-rated OVO Jackets

OVO jackets are one of the best ones in the fashion industry right now, and rightfully so. Ranging from unique designs to bursts of colors and high-end materials, everything boasts perfection. So, if you are ready to own one of these beauties, we are here to share our best choices;

● Takashi Murakami x OVO Varsity Jacket

Takashi Murakami x OVO Varsity Jacket jacket is made with the classic combination of black and white colors. The jacket is of black color and has white sleeves, but the front side is adorned with a white, sky blue, and yellow sticker that adds freshness and brightness to the look. In addition, the jackets have a slit and have arrows designed on both ends for added adornment

● OVO X NBA Raptor Varsity Jacket

If you are looking for a black jacket but with some funk, you cannot go wrong with this one. OVO X NBA Raptor Varsity Jacket is designed with golden stickers on both sides of the jacket, and the brand hasn’t spared the sleeves either. In simpler words, this is a jacket to reflect your funky side, and there are ribbed cuffs with golden and black contrast to add some fashion

● OVO X NBA Heat Varsity Jacket

For everyone who wants some hotness and vibrancy in their attire, this red jacket is nothing less than perfection. OVO X NBA Heat Varsity Jacket is designed with red, yellow, and white stickers for adding some drama while both sleeves and MH and owl stickers to make sure your inner funk is reflecting through the jacket

● OVO Omega Varsity Jacket

OVO Omega Varsity Jacket is a black and white jacket with a black front and white sleeves to add a contrasting look. In addition, the jacket is designed with yellow, black, and white ribbed cuffs and straight hems that add some color to your look. Also, the front side has an owl sticker with a yellow outline


There is an extensive range of jackets designed in this collection, and you will be able to find some amazing options with the utmost focus on fitting. This is because some jackets are designed with zips, while some have buttons to customize the fitting for you.


Varsity Jacket has used the highest standards of quality in all their products, promising nothing but comfort. That being said, these jackets are made from premium material and smooth zips to optimize your comfort level.


This collection by Varsity Jacket is one of the best choices for jacket lovers who are tired of black and grey staple jackets. This is because this collection has jackets in blue, red, and golden in addition to black and white jackets.


Ranging from XS to XXXL, there are sizes for everyone without compromising on your comfort. In fact, the jackets are true to their size, so there are no measurement issues.


Varsity Jacket has used the highest quality of materials and other adornments. For instance, the brand has used double stitching to ensure the jacket stays with you for years, and there won’t be an issue with color fading.


On a concluding note, OVO jackets by Varsity Jacket are the best choice for everyone who wants a high-end jacket in an affordable price range but with a top-notch fashion sense. All in all, you won’t regret investing in these jackets.