Varsity Jacket OFF-WHITE Jackets

Choosing the right jacket brand can directly influence your fashion outlook and the value for money, and whenever you feel confused, just choose Varsity Jacket. The brand has launched the OFF-WHITE collection that’s meant to sweep you off your feet. So, are you ready to check out some classic pieces from this collection?

The Must-Have OFF-WHITE Jackets

Sure, the jackets are meant to keep you warm, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be fashionable. Having said that, we have chosen our favorites from the OFF-WHITE collection!

●  OFF-WHITE Logo Leather Varsity Jacket

Designed in light grey color and white sleeves, the OFF-WHITE Logo Leather Varsity Jacket is one of the most sophisticated choices. However, the jacket is spruced up with green and yellow stickers, and they surely add a punch of color. In fact, the jacket has side pockets for your ease, but the real deal is the vibrant back design

● OFF-WHITE Airport Tape Varsity Jacket

OFF-WHITE Airport Tape Varsity Jacket jacket is one of the most promising choices for people who need a casual look. Still, the backside of the jacket is designed with airport tape, which looks pretty chic. However, it has a black collar, hems, and ribbed cuffs to break the color, and it sure does with all the perfection

● OFF-WHITE Black WW Varsity Jacket

OFF-WHITE Black WW Varsity Jacket is one of the coolest jackets from this collection and boasts the black color in all its glory. The jacket is made in black color, and WW stickers on the front truly enhance the aesthetics of the jacket. Not to forget, it has a striped collar and sleeves to add some pattern to the look

● OFF-WHITE Graphics Leather Jacket

Known for its black body and white sleeves, this leather jacket is a true fit for people who want a chic look. OFF-WHITE Graphics Leather Jacket has orange stickers all around, and the stripe design on the sleeves adds some drama to the look. Not to forget, the backside is loaded with graphics


There are no compromises on the fitting when it comes down to Varsity Jacket. This is because the brand has selected the perfect materials that complement the body contours and the integration of ribbed cuffs promise only to enhance the fitting. In addition, it has a classic collar to cover the neck area.


Varsity Jacket is one of the best brands out there, and the brand has selected the most comfortable aspects. To begin with, the jackets have a soft inner lining for your comfort, while the classic collar and straight hems promise free movement.


Being one of the most inclusive brands, Varsity Jacket has the best range of colors, such as green, orange, black, white, beige, grey, and more.


The OFF-WHITE jacket range is the best option for everyone who wants perfect fitting. This is because the brand has sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, and the sizes are measured to perfection.


All the jackets by Varsity Jacket are designed to offer the highest standards of quality. For this purpose, the brand has sourced premium materials while there are zero compromises on the effectiveness of zips and buttons. Also, the stitching is incredibly durable.


To summarize, OFF-WHITE is one of the most desired ranges of jackets and the ones mentioned in this article are enough to amp your wardrobe. So, which one will you select?