Varsity Jacket NBA Jackets


The NBA is one of the best collections out there, and if you are a fan of the game, there will be nothing better than portraying your love for the team than getting ready in a jacket. Having said that, this NBA x Varsity Jacket collection is one of the best options for you. The jacket collection is known for its vibrant designs, and the quality is something you’ve never imagined before.

The Top 4 High-Quality NBA Jackets You Should Know!

If you are ready to give your closet an overhaul, this NBA jacket collection at Varsity Jacket should be on your list, and we are here to share the details about the best ones;


MARCELLO BURLON NBA Varsity Jacket is a black jacket for everyone who doesn’t like to experiment, but there are blue and red stripes on the collar, hem, and cuffs that add a fun element. In addition, the shoulder hems are colored to make sure the black color is properly broken

● OVO X NBA Knicks Varsity Jacket

It cannot get any brighter and more vibrant than the OVO X NBA Knicks Varsity Jacket with the royal blue color. To add some color, there are red and white stripes on the hem and ribbed cuffs. In addition, the front side and sleeves are loaded with stickers, so there are no compromises on the funk part

● OVO X NBA Lakers Varsity Jacket

In case blue isn’t your color, we don’t mind saying that the OVO X NBA Lakers Varsity Jacket in purple color is one of the best choices. The jacket is designed with yellow and white stripes on the hems and ribbed cuffs. Moreover, there are Lakers stickers on the front and sleeve, and there are also owl sleeves to add a fun element

● OVO x NBA Raptors Varsity Jacket

From the looks, it might seem like the same black jacket, but there are golden yellow accentuations to add color to the look. OVO x NBA Raptors Varsity Jacket is designed with multiple stickers on both sleeves and front to make sure you can flaunt your fashion


NBA x Varsity Jacket collection is known for the precise fitting, which is enhanced with double stitching and ribbed cuffs. In addition, the integration of straight hems promises apt fitting around the waist.


The jacket collection is designed with the ultimate focus on comfort. For this reason, the brand has utilized premium material that’s soft on the skin, promising zero irritation. In addition, the zips and buttons promise comfortable closure and opening.


There is an extensive range of colors available in this jacket collection. That being said, the colors include black, purple, blue, and grey. In addition, some jackets are designed with white, blue, and red stripes that add punch to the look.


NBA x Varsity Jacket collection is an inclusive range as the size ranges from XS to XXXL. In fact, the sizes are perfectly curated according to the measurements, promising accurate fitting.


Ranging from double stitching to premium zips and buttons, every bit of these jackets are meant to reflect the top-notch quality. Also, it promises high value for money.


NBA x Varsity Jacket is one of our favorite jacket collections out there, and our precisely selected jackets are meant to add fashion sense to your attire without any effort.