Varsity Jacket Louis Vuitton Jackets

You must be living under a roof if you don’t know about Louis Vuitton because it’s evidently the most high-end fashion label out there. That being said, if you need a jacket that oozes fashion from every cut, there is one exceptional range of jackets available at Varsity Jackets.

The Must-Have Louis Vuitton Jackets

Louis Vuitton is one of the best fashion labels out there, and they have surely outdone themselves with this collaborated jacket collection. So, in the section below, we are sharing the must-have Louis Vuitton x Varsity Jacket pieces that deserve a place in your wardrobe!

● Louis Vuitton Chains Camo Varsity Jacket

If you have always wanted to get your hands on an LV jacket, Louis Vuitton Chains Camo Varsity Jacket is one of the best jackets with a chain and camo pattern on the sleeves. The jacket is designed with the LV logo on the front, while the buttoned closure and side pocket really add to the overall look

● Louis Vuitton Crochet Flowers Varsity Jacket

If you like some color in your wardrobe, this jacket by Varsity Jacket from the LV collection is one of the most fashionable choices. Louis Crochet Flowers Varsity Jacket has an LV sticker on the front with flowers to add some vibrancy to the jacket. In addition, the jacket’s back also has some graphics to complement the entire look

● Louis Vuitton Patch Varsity Jacket

Vuitton Patch Varsity Jacket is another fashionable piece for everyone who likes wearing trendy clothes. In addition to the green overall, there are white sleeves with ribbed cuffs with stickers on the front. Also, there are golden buttons that add perfect aesthetics to the jacket

● Louis Vuitton Leather Varsity Jacket

If you believe in investing in classic jackets, Louis Vuitton Leather Varsity Jacket is nothing less than a dream. It is designed in jet black color, and silver buttons promise a better overall look. Also, it can be paired with a variety of pants, so you can mix and match your looks


Fitting is one of the essential aspects of choosing the jackets, and this LV x Varsity Jacket range is meant to fit your body perfectly. For this reason, the correct stitching is used that aligns with your curves.


If you are ready to be a fashion diva without compromising on your comfort, you can depend on these jackets without second thoughts because these are literally the most comfortable jackets out there. The jackets are made with ribbed cuffs and straight hems that promise easy movement without any tugging.


The jacket range is loaded with colors to make sure there is something for everyone. Some of these colors include green, black, grey, and white.


The size range of these jackets starts from XS and goes up to XXXL, making it one of the most inclusive jacket collections out there. Also, the sizes are true to their measurements.


Well, you really don’t need to worry about quality when Louis Vuitton is involved. This is because the jackets are made with the best materials, on-point stitching, and high-quality buttons that will provide value for money.


To summarize, these LV jackets are everything you need to revitalize your wardrobe and add some warm yet stylish jackets to the collection. So, which of these jackets will you choose?