Varsity Jacket Champion Jackets

If you are ready to channel your inner champion and make a fashion statement wherever you go, there is nothing better than tapping on a Varsity Jacket. That’s because the brand has launched a mesmerizing range of champion jackets that will grab the eyeballs and transform you into a fashion diva.

The Must-Have Champion Jackets

Champion jackets are one of the most comfortable and warmest jackets out there, but many people struggle to find jackets that align with their fashion sense. So, to help you out, we have picked some of our favorites from the champion jackets collection for you!

● Supreme Champion Hooded Satin Varsity Jacket

In case your life and wardrobe are lacking the colors and you don’t mind adding the oomph, Supreme Champion Hooded Satin Varsity Jacket hooded satin jacket in bright green is all you need. The jacket is designed with a supreme sticker plastered on the back, while the shiny fabric makes it a bold fashion choice

● Supreme Champion Red Hooded Satin Jacket

The jacket is designed in red color to revamp your fashion looks and make sure you turn some heads. The Supreme Champion Red Hooded Satin Jacket has the supreme sticker on the back, and the hood only adds to the comfort. The hood has a drawstring design to keep everything fitted

● Champion Reverse Weave Varsity Jacket

For everyone who wants to stick to the basics, Champion Reverse Weave Varsity Jacket is a black jacket with a reverse weave that adds a unique touch to the all-time classic black jacket. The jacket is designed with side pockets and has buttons for quick closure

● Champion Letterman Varsity Jacket

As the name suggests, this jacket is the outcome of letterman and champion collections, and there would be nothing more casual yet chic than this. Champion Letterman Varsity Jacket is designed in light gray hues, but the black sleeves bring in the class


Fitting is one of the most important aspects of selecting the jacket, but you don’t need to worry about it with a Varsity Jacket. This is because the brand has used a drawstring design for hooded jackets while the on-point shoulder seams promise the best fitting out there.


If there is one thing best about a Varsity Jacket, it’s the comfort level. This is because the jacket is made from premium material and has soft material lining to keep you comfortable. Not to forget, there are ribbed cuffs as well.


Varsity Jacket is one of the most promising clothing brands, and you can depend on them to find the jacket in your desired color. Some of these colors include light gray, dark gray, black, green, and red.


Just like the colors, the brand has curated the most inclusive range of sizes. To illustrate, the sizes start from XS and are available up to XXXL, without compromising on the measurements.


When it comes down to jackets, they are the wardrobe staples, which translates into a need for top-notch quality. Having said that, the brand has used double-stitching for durable jackets, and there are high-quality zips and buttons used for closure. Not to forget, the jackets are made from premium satin material.


On a concluding note, the champion jackets are some of the best jackets out there, especially if you are a jacket junkie. In fact, with so many designs, colors, and sizes, there will be something for everyone, but which one is your favorite?